Client Comments

Wow! Mark’s Dining in the Dark program was so unique, inspiring and fun! He got us out of our comfort zone and seeing the world from a different perspective. We learned, we laughed, and enjoyed a truly great experience. This is a YPO must!
— Kim Jeremic | Superblinds & Draperies | Owner YPO Winnipeg
Mark came to speak to our chapter, and it was the best event that we had all year! He was so entertaining, and his presentation was very powerful and uplifting. You will learn to appreciate what you have and to be more self-aware to the visually impaired. I would highly recommend Mark and he was such a pleasure to work with! Thanks again for coming and teaching us!
— Courtney Mummert, VP of Programs for ILEA St. Louis Chapter
Mark did a diversity/inclusion workshop for about 200 of our employees. The feedback was incredible! Several people remarked that this was one of our best programs ever!  His authentic style and moving message touches people’s hearts. During his talk, people were so attentive and engaged that they were physically “leaning in”.  Several days later people were still talking about what they took away from the event; now that’s real impact!   I would highly recommend Mark Valenziano as a speaker/facilitator!
— Loretta Menke | Associate Director | Organization Development & Learning UCare
Mark brought great energy and insight-fullness to our dining in the dark experience. He helped plan and execute the event which has received very positive feedback. One long-time member provided “the event was in my top five experiences in YPO”. We recommend bringing Mark in as a resource and we encourage others to think of ways, such as transporting members to an undisclosed venue, to heighten the “only in YPO” level of the experience. Thank you Mark!
— Evan Berney | Chief Executive Officer | Carbiz, Ltd.
| Baltimore, MD
Mark Valenziano is hands down, the most engaged presenter/resource I have ever worked with. Mark truly cares about the overall experience and every detail of the event itself. His infectious upbeat attitude was a day brightener every step of the planning process. Mark doesn’t start and stop with the presentation. He arrives early to review the venue and meet with the team, and stays until the last question is answered. His upbeat approach to life as a blind person, put the staff at ease and ready to create a valuable experience for all. Often, people are afraid to ask “just anyone” what it’s like to have a disability. Mark opens up so quickly, and so easily to everyone… That asking those awkward (yet we want to know) questions, becomes comfortable…like talking with a longtime friend. He is completely approachable!
— Jayna Larrea | Executive Director | YPO Florida
We were so fortunate to have Mark Valenziano speak at our corporate event. Over the past 10 years, we have had various inspirational speakers. None comes close to Mark. He is passionate, eloquent, and gets his message across to the entire audience. After Mark’s talk, many attendees told me how much they enjoyed the talk, both professionally and personally. I would highly recommend Mark to speak at any organizational or corporate event. Give your people this gift!
— Karen Holzberg, President | KH International | Atlanta, GA
“Mark created an impactful experiential night for our YPO regional leadership team that we will all remember for a lifetime. It was so good and so relevant to our industry that we have hired him to speak at our company’s upcoming annual meeting. I look forward to sharing Mark’s gifts with our employees and industry colleagues.”
— Joel Wright | President & CEO | MoboTrex
Thank you for delivering a unique and inspiring session at our all staff celebration. Your keynote was enlightening, motivating and most fitting with our current changing work environment! Our staff heard your message — to become their own visionary — and improve their day-to-day operations through a lens that most had not even considered. I hope we can work together again in the near future.
— Omar Guevara-Soto, Operations Manager | Minneapolis Public Schools | Culinary & Wellness Services
It was such a pleasure to work with Mark! He was so helpful and made sure we did not miss a single detail. Mark’s “Open Your Eyes to Blindness” program is fun, memorable, and inspiring! In the hospitality industry, we serve people every day and Mark educated us on how to truly be more inclusive and welcoming. I can’t tell you how many messages I received from attendees expressing gratitude for this program. I highly recommend Mark Valenziano to everyone!
— Sarah Cash-Darvell, CSEP | VP of Programs and Education | International Live Events Association | MSP
Mark’s presentation was simply amazing and meaningful, with an impact that will be life-long! It was especially powerful for our teenagers. His words gave us a renewed sense of gratitude, optimism, and compassion. I strongly recommend this program!
— Bruno Mercenari | YPO Americas Gateway | Miami, Florida
What fun Saturday evening was! Many thanks for providing the chapter with a unique and very memorable experience. Many people commented to me on how impactful your talk and stories were, and how it was such an incredible experience. It was a real pleasure meeting you in person and having a chance to work with you in planning the event.
— Emily MacEntee | YPO | Windy City
Mark did an excellent job presenting to our group. His energy and sincere style engaged my company’s employees. As opposed to a “rah rah” motivational speaker, Mark’s message is one that people will relate to and can resonate for a lifetime. I highly recommend Mark!
— R. Andy Fazendin, Owner | Fazendin Realtors | Wayzata, MN
Mark Valenziano’s event is very impacting and insightful. Participants will gain insight into deeper gratitude and hone into what is most important. This program is very beneficial for teens/youth as well as leaders of organizations. Patrons will gain a deeper understanding of the world and gratitude.
— Dirk Bak, President | SDQ Janitorial | YPO Member
I’ve known Mark for years and have seen him in action. His message will inspire and entertain. Prepare to be amazed and energized.
— Frank Vascellaro | CBS News / WCCO-TV
Loved the “forced” mingling, the presenter and the way we all got to truly experience impairment and understand the real world and work place impact.
— YPO Member | Springfield, MO